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What are natural truffle flavors?

Commercial truffle flavors are prepared with an handful of aroma chemicals that poorly mimic truffle flavors and actually contain no truffles.

By contrast, Nectariss´ natural truffle aromas are prepared with real truffles through our patent-backed technology. All our natural flavors are genuine and display the depth and complexity of real truffles!


Organic Single-Origin Truffle Oils

We bring you the first authentic truffle oils prepared through our patented technology with white truffles from Italy, Hungary, and Croatia. Join us on a sensory journey and discover unexpected flavor differences!


Natural Truffle Flavor Concentrates

Prepared from Real Truffles through our Patent-backed Technology

Natural White Truffle Flavor

Our natural white truffle flavor has the aroma complexity of the white Piedmont truffle, also known as Tuber magnatum. This is an intense flavor reminiscent of garlic and cheese with a touch of creaminess.


Natural Burgundy Truffle Flavor

Our natural Burgundy truffle flavor reflects the aroma characteristics of the black truffle Tuber uncinatum. This is an elegant fungal flavor with earthy and nutty dimensions.


Natural Flavors - Other Truffle Sorts

Many more truffle sorts exist besides the  Piedmont  & the Burgundy truffles. We are working hard to bring these novel truffle flavors to market.

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The Founders

Richard Splivallo  &  Christophe Maier

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Richard is a passionate foodie and entrepreneur. He is also a scientist and a recognized expert on truffles who has published more than fifteen articles and patents about truffle flavor & biology.

Co-founder Christophe is a passionate &  ethical serial entrepreneur who combines expertise in aquaculture, biotechnology and business creation. He has held numerous managerial positions in small & large companies.

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