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The technology behind our authentic truffle aroma

Prepared from Real Truffles through our Patent-backed Technology

In 2014, Professor and truffle expert Richard Splivallo discovered that microorganisms that live inside of truffle fungi were responsible for producing truffle aroma. He then created the Nectariss MethodTM, an innovative and patented fermentation process based on ancestral traditions. This discovery enables NBROSIA to produce small artisanal batches of authentic truffle oils made with real truffle fungi.


“With our technology, we can release the aromatic potential of truffles through fermentation and thus supply the market with authentic truffle flavors the whole year round... Our customers shall enjoy authentic truffle flavors while, similarly to wine, learning about flavor differences among truffle sorts” - Richard Splivallo


Read more about this discovery here: 

- Smithsonian Magazine

- Microbe Magazine

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